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The accurate method to get a smooth abortion

Abortion pills are the safest way of getting an abortion and researchers have proved that the medical abortion has shown high rate of efficacy when getting abortion with abortion pills like mifepristone and misoprostol. Both these abortion pills are approved by FDA and these pills are widely used by women and women buy abortion pills online to get the abortion done smoothly.

The abortion pills have a proper way to be ingested with proper timing so that the abortion can be easily done. There are a number of abortion pills that are available in the market but all of them do not have mifepristone and misoprostol ingredients present in them.

Like mifepristone is present in RU 486 and mifeprex similarly misoprostol is present in cytotec or cytolog and both the pills are present in the MTP Kit. To make your abortion safer, secure and perfect you need to focus on few protocols.

Firstly, get yourself a proper place which will be the most comfortable position and you can settle there for hours together. Stock a pile of books or your t.v remote near you so that you can easily pass your time during the entire abortion period.

Secondly choose a loose fit dress for yourself and make yourself comfortable during the entire period. Keep a pile of maxi-pads, 2-3 water bottles and a hot pack near you so that you can use when you are having pain.

Thirdly you need to keep an alarm beside you so that you can set the alarm for taking the next pill.

The first pill that needs to be taken is the mifepristone pill. You need to take the misoprostol pills only after you have taken the mifepristone pills. The mifepristone pills are supposed to inhibit the progesterone hormone and after this the work of misoprostol pills start which is needed for diluting the pregnancy tissues so the sequence needs to be maintained. First you need to complete all doses of mifepristone and only then you can precede with the misoprostol doses.

You can also terminate your pregnancy with only misoprostol pills. When you terminate your pregnancy with misoprostol pills you will require 12 pills of misoprostol. Taking four at a time that means in total you have to take 3 doses.

So first we will start with the dosage structure for both mifepristone and misoprostol pills. Suppose you take 1 mifepristone and 4 misoprostol during your 5 weeks of pregnancy.

First start with the mifepristone pills, take the pill with the help of a glass of water orally. Remember to take the whole pill at a time and not break or crush it.

Now set your alarm just after 24 hours so that you can start with the misoprostol doses.

After 24 hours take 2 misoprostol pills at a time where you have to keep the misoprostol pills under the tongue or keep in the cheek pouch according to your convenience. The most important part is you have to hold the pills for about half an hour in your mouth so that the pills can easily be dissolved in your saliva. You can ingest your saliva but do not drink water for at least half an hour. After half an hour pass you can easily drink a glass of water.

After taking this dose fix your alarm after 3 hours for next dose of misoprostol. Your next dose of misoprostol pill again has the same procedure of ingestion where you have to take two misoprostol pills buccally or sub-lingually. Like the same way you need to hold the pills for half an hour and then take 1 glass of water.

If you are taking 2 mifepristone pills and 8 misoprostol pills then your procedure will be a bit different. As usual you have to start with the mifepristone pills but here you will first have to take the mifepristone pills and only then you can take the misoprostol pills. Take the first mifepristone pill with the help of a glass of water. After taking this set your alarm after 4 hours when you have to take the second mifepristone pill. You have to take both the mifepristone pills in the same way orally as a whole without crushing or powdering it.

After 24 hours now you will have to take the misoprostol pills. This time you have to take 8 misoprostol pills. You can take two pills at a time or four pills at a time as per your convenience. If you take two pills then set your alarm after 3 hours and if you are taking 4 misoprostol pills at a time then you can take it in duration of 4 hours. But your method of ingesting the misoprostol pills will be same where you have to take the misoprostol pills in you cheek pouch or under your tongue and wait for 30 minutes before you take a glass of water. Meanwhile during this time you can ingest your saliva which has already dissolved the misoprostol pills.

If you are taking only misoprostol pills for abortion

In case you are taking only misoprostol pills then you have to take 12 pills for the abortion.

Start with four misoprostol pills that will be kept under the tongue or in the cheek pouch for half an hour, after this you can drink a glass of water. Wait for 4 hours and then take the next dose of misoprostol pills which will again have 4 pills of misoprostol and needs to be administered in the same way.

Finally after four hours you will have to take the remaining 4 pills of misoprostol. This needs to be taken in the similar manner by keeping it under the tongue or in the cheek pouch.

Few tips to be followed

  • You will face too much of vaginal cramps and bleeding which will be higher than the normal vaginal bleeding. Do not use tampons and do not use menstrual cups for vaginal bleeding. Instead only take sanitary napkins.
  • You should also remember to remove your IUD device before you take the abortion pills as this will give you severe pain during abortion especially in your pelvic region.
  • You should keep drinking a lot of water so that you can avoid any side-effects and you are always hydrated during the entire time.
  • You can take an anti-emetic pill if you feel like vomiting especially when you take the abortion pills. It’s safe to take the anti-emetic pill as this will refrain you from vomiting out the pills and allowing your abortion to be incomplete.
  • You can use the hot pack and place in on your belly when you will face too much of pain. If you still can’t bear the pain then you should take ibuprofen to alleviate your pain.

Do not undergo any strenuous activities and always keep a mate along with you so that the person can easily take you to the hospital when any emergency takes place.