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Our site is most popularly recognized certified online pharmacy for buying abortion pill online. In this journey we are also concerned about well being of women health while choosing a medication for termination of her early pregnancy. In most of the regions in online it is not possible to offer abortion pill in affordable price at any point of time. This results terrible effects on women who is willing to terminate her unplanned pregnancy. Highly recommended tablets for the termination of early pregnancy are Misoprostol/Cytotec, Mifepristone, MTP kit. In this site you can Buy Abortion Pills Online and these tablets are accessible in their generic form which comes in various brands.

Our good experience with customers, traders, doctors and gynecologists, have made us to come here for serving women for better health. Our motto is to provide opportunity for women to buy abortion pill online at affordable price at any point of time across the globe. We always prefer to trade with legally licensed reliable sellers with certified high quality medicines. Termination of early pregnancy must be carried out within the initial 9 weeks of fetus development. We provide fast delivery of medicines because we know time is the vital factor in this abortion process. Abortion with medications is easy, cheap, effective way for ending pregnancy without any surgeries.

What is abortion pill?

Abortion pill is a combination of two tablets namely Mifepristone and Misoprostol/Cytotec used to terminate unwanted early pregnancy. Abortion pill can be consumed within 63 days of pregnancy i.e. 4-9weeks of pregnancy (calculated from the date of last menstrual cycle). It is recommended to take the abortion pill within first 63 days. If you prefer abortion after 63 days of pregnancy, then you must go for a vacuum aspiration or surgical curettage. Either at home or clinic this abortion pill can be administered. Normally, you can take the Mifepristone tablet at home and you may choose to administer the Misoprostol tablets in hospital under observation or you can take at home also as per your comfort. This medicine in terminating pregnancy 98 times it is successful out of 100 cases. After two weeks of Misoprostol intake woman need to go for physical examination or ultrasound to confirm the termination of her pregnancy.

How misoprostol/cytotec terminates the pregnancy?

First woman should confirm the pregnancy duration by ultrasound. If the duration is within 63 days then she can consume Cytotec pill which will terminate the pregnancy. After the intake of Cytotec pill the dead embryo will be effectively gets expelled from uterus. You can feel the contractions in the womb during this regimen resulting in expulsion of pregnancy contents from uterine layer. During this process woman can experience more bleeding compared to normal menstrual cycle. One should not smoke or drink alcohol during this process. Symptoms like muscle cramps can be experienced, in case of complications please contact doctor. Most of the time pregnancy will be successfully terminated without any harmful effects. The growth of the fetus will be halted by taking Mifepristone pill. Mifepristone shows anti-progesterone property which ensures that all the pregnancy content will be detached from uterine lining. After 2-3 days or as guided by pharmacist or doctor, take Cytotec to end the pregnancy completely.

How to get abortion done with pills in safest way?

For harmless and successful termination of pregnancy with abortion pill, females should not be suffering from health problems associated with kidney, heart, liver, lungs, pelvis etc. If woman has ectopic pregnancy or intrauterine device then surgical method is recommended. She must consult physician for some other choices. Overdose should not be taken by patient who has severe infection in blood, anemia, poor immune system. Such patients are allowed to take only prescribed doses. Woman should never make a trial of self-inflict termination of pregnancy with instruments or any object, this can harm internal organs and might worsen health condition. Such activities can also cause death. After abortion woman should take complete rest and must avoid intercourse, which might cause infections. Women should also have a look on the medicines which triggers allergies, regarding those medicines history must be discussed with pharmacist.

What happens after taking abortion pill?

After the consumption of abortion pill woman might experience heavy bleeding, painful muscle cramps, stress, anxiety, guilt, depression and so on. During the abortion process such indication are usual. In case of any further complication one must consult doctor. For few days after abortion woman should rest and take healthy food to fight over weakness. Abortion pills do not causes any problems in future such as complicated pregnancy or infertility or premature birth. After termination of pregnancy if you wish to become pregnant then you’re allowed to do so.

How does MTP kit does abortion?

MTP kit consists of two types of pills namely Mifepristone and Misoprostol. 200mg Mifepristone should be taken orally along with water, after 2 to 3 days you need to take 4 cytotec pills either orally or by inserting into vagina. If you’re consuming orally then you need to keep 4 pills (each pill of 200mcg) under the tongue and let it dissolve completely for 30 minutes duration. 14 days later you should go for a check up to confirm termination of pregnancy either by ultrasound or physical examinations.

What are the side effects?

General symptoms observed during the abortion process can be mild fever, abdominal cramps, blood clots expelling from vagina, heavy blood loss, fatigue, vomiting, headache, nausea, anxiety. These symptoms will not last longer than a week. If any of these symptoms gets severe then you need to see doctor for avoiding risks. Ask our pharmacists before intake of tablets and its interactions with any other drugs. If the pregnancy crossed 12 weeks, even though if you take any abortion pill it will cause severe adverse effects eventually. If any complications observed on overdosing Misoprostol then consult our pharmacist or any doctor. Such scenarios can be seen in very rare cases.

Where can I buy abortion pill online?

If nation allows abortion then women can terminate pregnancy at certified hospitals or planned parenthood clinic. Otherwise, women can buy Mifeprex online and can be consumed being at home. For safety measures consult your doctor for the guidance regarding prior and after abortion process to avoid complications. Women should buy medicines which are approved by FDA and in our online pharmacy drugs are of affordable price.

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