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In today’s fast pace world where everyone is running each day for career and money, there is no time for people to think about family. Since most of the couples are busy with their respective jobs they do not even find time to make love or plan a family. So sometimes there arises a condition where a small mistake or rather carelessness leads to an unplanned pregnancy which becomes a point of concern for the couple especially for women.

Since women are also progressing toward their career and growth and becoming independent and getting equal opportunities in each sector as compared to men, they find pregnancy a reason of holding back and compromising on their dreams.

So in this condition they opt for termination of pregnancy either by surgical or non surgical methods. Earlier Dilatation and Curettage (D&C) was considered to be the only and effective way of terminating pregnancy. But nowadays medical abortion is the best safest way to terminate pregnancy during the first trimester i.e. upto 12 weeks. So here we have the best solution in the form of MTP KIT online.


Online MTP KIT is an alternative to the surgical method of terminating pregnancy. MTP KIT is a combination of two medicines Mifepristone (200mg) + Misoprostol (200mg). MTP KIT online focuses on the three main factors which are mainly considered while choosing a medicine i.e. effectiveness or well being, adequacy and cost.


Mifepristone pills work in order to stop nutritional supply to the womb or foetus and directs the body to close the process of pregnancy development further. On the other hand Misoprostol cause contractions in the walls of uterus which helps to dispel the traces of dead foetus through the vagina. The dosage of MTP KIT goes from taking one pill of Mifepristone on first day and after the completion of 48 hours four pills of Misoprostol should be taken either orally or vaginally depending upon the doctor’s advice.


Common side effects of MTP KIT are vomiting, stomach cramps, nausea, diarrhea, contraction of uterine walls and Menorrhagia i.e. heavy menstrual bleeding. However these are general symptoms and there is no known case of any serious side effects so far.


  1. SUBLINGUAL ADMINISTRATION: - The onset of action is very rapid and duration is longer. This method has the highest plasma levels and prolonged action and that’s why it is most recommended route.
  2. BUCCAL ADMINISTRATION: - The onset of action is gradual but duration is longer however the levels of serum achieved are comparatively quite lower. It also has a prolonged action and it is also recommendable route.
  3. VAGINAL ADMINISTRATION: - The onset of action is gradual but duration is longer and sustained. Sometimes the tablet is not completely dissolved during vaginal administration as the core of the pill is non- medicated but this does not affect the efficacy of the pill. Avoid moistening the tablet before vaginal administration as it does not have any effect. This route also has a prolonged action and is quite recommended.
  4. ORAL ADMINISTRATION: - The onset of action is rapid but the duration of action is short. Because of its least duration of action it is least recommended but in some cases can be adviced depending on the condition.