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Track your order at ease sitting at home

Tracking your order is now easier with the help of tracking website. You will receive your tracking details number in your mail ID or in your provided e-mail address and you need to feed your given tracking number and you will be directed to the exact location where your details have reached.

You will receive your tracking number exactly after 24 hours after your shipment has started and you can track your order exactly after 4 days as the tracking is not visible before that time.

How will you understand your tracking number?

After having ordered your product you need to wait for the next message before the shipment of your product starts as we confirm your detailed address. After you have confirmed, your shipment for the product will take place. You just need to wait till 24 hours to get the message at your email- id or at the provided mobile number.

How will you track your order?

You will get a link to trace your order and there you will have to click on the website and your exact place where your order has reached will be shown.

Or you can visit the website where you will have to give your tracking details number and then click on the track icon and you can easily see your details or the place to which your tracking product has reached.