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Amazing home remedies to keep away the side-effects of abortion

Normally all those women who wish to terminate pregnancy with the help of pregnancy termination pill search for home remedies for abortion. These home remedies help in fastening up the process of abortion and also helps in the alleviating the problems faced during an abortion.

A few problems that women face are a pain in the stomach due to immense contraction in the uterus or problem of inflammation or problem of excessive loss of blood leading to falling in the blood platelets. These natural remedies help in the abortion process and side by side also helps in the restoring any of the nutrients and also acts like an antibiotic so that the uterus gets healed up soon and does not cause any problem of inflammation. If you prefer to buy online abortion pills and terminate pregnancy at home then you should keep handy these food products that you should include in your daily diet for almost a month to again regain to your proper menstrual cycle.

 Adding a few of these below-mentioned food in your diet can help you to get a safe abortion and recover even faster without losing any nutrient from the body.

Papaya- Women who are undergoing abortion can eat raw papaya as well as unripe or green papaya as this will help in the process of termination as papaya is a rich source of oxytocin and also a prostaglandin that induces abortion by boosting labor contractions and allowing the pregnancy parts to get diluted. This will further help in the process of abortion along with the abortion pills so that you do not have to keep popping more prostaglandins and allow your body to terminate the pregnancy more naturally.

Cinnamon- this is a natural remedy that helps in abortion as well as helps in easing the pain. You need to take the raw cinnamon and should not cook it as cooking the cinnamon can decrease the compounds and the ingredients present in it. You can take this is powdered form with hot water or over tea. The hot water or tea will help you to further ease your stomach pain. This is also a good pain reliever as this has the healing properties.

Goji berries also famously known as wolfberries are a type of berry that has lots of health benefits as it is a rich source of anti-oxidants like 18 amino acids, carotenoids, essential vitamin A.  if this is consumed in more quantities it creates lots of uterine contractions that will help to terminate the pregnancy but the uterine contractions are not very painful as this keeps giving the body necessary nutrients that it may be losing during the vaginal discharge. Taking this during an abortion will fasten the process of abortion and meanwhile will compensate the lost nutrients.

Pineapple- pineapple contains vitamin C and protease enzyme that is known as bromelain. This helps in the process of termination during the early pregnancy days. You need to take a bowl full of this fruit and this also helps in dilating the pregnancy parts and widening the cervix. This also helps in allowing the abortion to happen easily without any sensation of pain. When you are taking abortion pills then taking this fruit helps in decreasing the pain and helps in removing the pregnancy parts even faster.

You can make a drink of this pineapple juice and can also eat a few fruits for a few times in a day.

Black sesame seeds - These seeds when taken along with the peel help in abortion process during the initial days of pregnancy and this also helps to restore the blood loss of the body as this is rich in Iron. This also helps in creating contractions in the stomach and supports painless abortion. This contains calcium, amino acids, proteins, vitamin A, B, C. all these ingredients are necessary to restore the health of the body as a lot part of nutrients are lost during the pregnancy period. This should be continued to days after abortion as this is a healthy snack that contains all the vital nutrients necessary for the body.

These black sesame seeds are dipped in a glass of water overnight and then taken on an empty stomach the next morning and then you should drink the entire glass of water.

You can also take it with the jaggery and make balls of it and take it two to three times every day.

You can also take it with the help of honey twice or thrice each day.

Taking hot shower

Normally shower is not recommended as women may feel dizzy while taking the bath but it is recommended to take a hot shower as this will lessen the pain from the body and this will also help in the removing the germs from the body. But you should not use soap or any kind of cleaning agent that is scented for washing the vagina.

Using primrose oil

This is one of the most popular aromatherapy oil that is gentle but has sedative and laxative effects on the body and soothes the pain of the body. This also helps in helps in the relaxing the body pain and when this is applied over the stomach it helps to relax the cervical muscles. If you apply enough of this oil nearby the cervical area then it helps in widening the cervix and this also helps in having a painless abortion.

Taking vitamin C

Vitamin C is also a natural abortifacient that helps to terminate an unwanted pregnancy and this also helps in regaining the loss vitamin C from the body. This is much needed after the abortion so that the nutrients that are lost after the abortion can be regained. This helps in controlling any spread of inflammation during the process of abortion.

Using hot pack

You can also place a hot pack over your belly during the process of abortion as this helps in alleviating the pain. This a home remedy that is better than taking any anti-inflammatory pill. This also helps to continue the abortion process easily as the dilution process also takes place faster.

Keep doing meditation

You need to keep doing meditation as this will help you to boost your mental level. This will also help you to keep away any stress that may occur during the process of abortion.

  • Women who undertake abortion and wish to buy abortion pills online should also keep these necessary food ingredients at home so that the termination of the pregnancy can be easily done.