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Get a natural abortion with the affordable abortion pill- MTP kit

The best abortion pill that makes the abortion process simpler and helps in getting at home abortion without any hassle is the MTP kit. MTP Kit has been approved by FDA to get an abortion as this contains both the abortion pill Mifepristone and Misoprostol.  MTP kit is one of the affordable abortion pill and has high efficacy rate about 98% so women prefer to buy MTP kit online.

What is the content of the MTP Kit?

This abortion pill kit contains Mifepristone Misoprostol that allows terminating pregnancy and getting an abortion at 6 weeks to 10 weeks of the first trimester of pregnancy. There is 1 pill of Mifepristone and 4 pills of Misoprostol in this abortion kit. The Mifepristone pill is of the strength 200mg while the strength of the Misoprostol pill is (200*4) mcg.

The procedure of ingestion of this abortion pill for abortion process

Different protocols of ingesting abortion pill Mifepristone and Misoprostol have been practiced all over the world by different health organizations and have been found to be successful. A brief research of the dosage pattern has been mentioned below.

Regimen followed by US FDA

1 abortion kit is approved for 49 days of the pregnancy period

Day 1- 3 Mifepristone pills are taken which is of strength 600mg with an interval of 3-4 hours between the Mifepristone pills doses. The pills are taken orally with a glass of water and supposed to be ingested as a whole.

Day 3 - Misoprostol of 400 mcg is supposed to be taken buccally (placing within the cheeks) or sublingually (placing under the tongue).

Day 14- Get the abortion confirmed with the help of ultrasound

Regimen followed by royal college of obstetrics and gynecology (RCOG), WHO (world health organization)

This regimen is recommended to for those who wish to undergo abortion process up to 63 days of the gestation period.

Day 1- Take 200 mcg of Mifepristone orally

Day 3- Take Misoprostol 800 mcg orally, in case the abortion has not been yet completed then it is suggested to take 400 mcg of Misoprostol more which can be administered buccally or vaginally.

Day 14- Get the abortion confirmed after 14 days with the help of an ultrasound.

Regimen to get confirmed abortion at home

Normally the regimens that are mentioned by WHO and by FDA are followed at the abortion clinics where the doctor can self-assess the process of abortion. So in such a case if the abortion is not complete there they can administer more pregnancy termination misoprostol pills. This stands as a problem when you are trying self-abortion methods and having a confidential abortion at home.

This given protocol will help you to get a safe abortion that will have no chances of continued pregnancy. If you are a resident of USA and you need to buy abortion pill online then you can buy MTP kit online if your pregnancy in 5 weeks or lesser and you need to take 2 MTP kits if your pregnancy weeks are above 5 weeks till 10 weeks.

In case of 1 MTP kit (during 5 weeks or lesser)

The first abortion pill to be ingested is the Mifepristone pill that needs to be taken orally and is supposed to be ingested as a whole with a glass of water.

After 24 hours of Mifepristone pill ingestion, take the next 4 pills that is the Misoprostol pill.  This pill is required to be taken either sublingually (where the pills are kept under the tongue) or the pills are taken buccally (where the pills are kept in the cheek pouch) the pills are allowed to be dissolved in the saliva and then a glass of water can be taken after half an hour.

In case of 2 MTP Kit (above 5 weeks till 10 weeks)

The required regimen to be followed is the same but in case of 2 MTP kits, you require to take 2 pills of Mifepristone that is of 600mg and 8 pills of Misoprostol that is of (200*8) mcg.

The first abortion pill, in this case, is also the same as you will need to start with the Mifepristone pill.

Take this first pill of Mifepristone and wait for almost 4 hours before administering the second dose of Mifepristone. These pills are meant to be administered orally as a whole with a glass of water.

After completing the dosage of Mifepristone you may start bleeding. In this case, you should not stop taking the Misoprostol pill but you should complete the entire dosage structure so that you can get the complete abortion.

Take 4 Misoprostol pills at a time and keep a gap of 3-4 hours between the 2 dosages. The pills are supposed to be taken under the tongue and or can be kept in the cheek pouch. So this is necessary that you allow the pills to get dissolved completely and only then you can take a glass of water.

How does the abortion pill work?

The mifepristone abortion pill is the anti-progestin that helps to block the progesterone hormones at the various receptor sites so that the progesterone hormone does not reach the fetus which is an important substance for the growth of the fetus.

The misoprostol pill is the synthetic prostaglandin responsible for developing contractions in the uterus and helping in diluting the myometrium and thereby shedding the deciduas. It also further widened the cervix and the contractions allow the entire pregnancy parts to get expelled out through the vagina.

Women can buy abortion pills online USA who are residing in the country and do not have access to abortion pill easily.

What precautions to take before having an abortion with MTP kit

Before you buy online MTP kit you should make sure that you have already confirmed your pregnancy type as uterine as this pill does not work on ectopic pregnancy.

You have to confirm your pregnancy age by counting your days from your last menstrual cycle. Your first day of the last menstrual cycle will be counted as the first day of the pregnancy.

You have to remove any IUD device before you start with the medical abortion process so that you do not suffer from any pelvic pain during your pregnancy termination process.

Side-effects of abortion with MTP Kit

You will suffer from the normal side-effects as this natural abortion allows the body to make changes so that the abortion can take place. You will face vaginal bleeding and you will suffer from stomach cramps. In some cases, women may feel nausea, vomiting, fever or in some cases can suffer from diarrhea.