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A note on the dos and don’ts during the abortion process and thereafter

Caring yourself during an abortion process and after the abortion is a compulsory regime as this helps you to have a safe abortion and this is also convalescing. There are lots of do’s and don’ts that you need to follow meticulously and you cannot be callous about.

Here we will give you all the information about what you should and what you should not do during an abortion. The entire abortion process requires almost 2 weeks to get completed an so this is essential that you follow the regime till you get a confirmation that your abortion is complete and your body has started healing from the process. Normally at home abortions are done with the help of abortion pill Mifepristone and Misoprostol which is affordable and abortion methods are comparatively more trivial in medical abortion than surgical abortion.

Before you buy abortion pills online you should have ample knowledge about the abortion so that you can make proper preparations and you do not have to suffer anytime during the abortion or have any complications. You need to make it sure that you do not get an ultrasound done and know your exact days of pregnancy by calculating it from the first day of your last menstrual cycle.

The do’s of having an abortion

Take a break from work during the abortion

You need not take a break of 14 days from your office but you should take it for at least 3 days as you will be suffering from stomach cramps and bleeding profusely. During this time it is suggested that you can sit at a comfortable place so that you do not involve into any physical activity. In such case, if you are allowed you can take the option of work from home so that you can relax comfortably and work while you keep taking the abortion pills on time.

Indulge in activities that give you immense entertainment

During abortion, you will definitely feel a bit sick during the entire process and you may feel a bit feverish or a bit low in mood. To lighten up your mood and keep yourself relaxed you can indulge in some recreational activities like watching movies or painting or making yourself engaged in reading books which can be done without any movement.

Need to drink a lot of water

During the process of abortion, you should make sure that you drink a lot of water as this will keep you hydrated and will help you overcome any side-effects like fatigue, too much pain or dizziness. You can also substitute water with coconut water, sports drink or fruit juices avoiding grapefruit.

Keep over the counter medications

You can keep a few medications that will help you during the pain management or any kind of effects that you may undergo during the process of abortion. You can buy an anti-emetic pill that will help you to recover from the feeling of nausea or vomiting and the anti-inflammatory pill that will help you to recover from the pain of the abortion.

A few of the medication that you can keep along with you are Doxycycline, Azithromycin and Flagyl are antibiotics that help to keep away infections.

Methergine/ Ergotamine is a medication that allows the uterus to come back to the normal position and ready for next conception.

Ibuprofen and Narco help in managing pain and abdominal cramps. This can be easily taken with milk or with food.

When you buy online abortion pills you can order these over the counter secondary pills that will help you to manage your abortion problems.

Always have a companion along

You should always keep a companion along so that he/she can take you to the health clinic during any emergency that may occur. Which is very rare, this is more required by women who are anemic and are undergoing a medical abortion at home and trying to terminate a pregnancy with the help of pregnancy termination pills. Your companion can help you during this time with your necessary household work so that you can keep yourself relaxed in one place and not allow too much movement.

What are the don’ts of having an abortion

Avoid junk and spicy food

During the abortion with abortion pills, you need to maintain a strict diet like you should eat too much heavy or spicy food. Junk food can be tempting but you should avoid till 14 days of the abortion as this can make you uncomfortable or intensify the problem of diarrhea, in some cases, this can be the reason of inflammation. Keep your meals light and stick more to juices and a liquid diet.

Avoid taking grapefruit and magnesium

You should be very cautious of not taking grapefruit and magnesium as grapefruit during getting an abortion with abortion pills as this intensifies the bleeding and magnesium trigger the problem of diarrhea. You should make sure that you do not take grapefruit in any form and you should make sure that you do not take any medication that contains magnesium.

Avoid physical activities

Avoiding any kind of physical activities include avoiding any kind of exercises of dudging or bending till 14days, in the initial two days too much movement is also restricted. This is prohibited as during this time the decidua in your uterus starts shedding and your uterus is too weak at this time any kind of pressure can rupture your uterus.

You should avoid swimming during this time and tub bath and should not use bubbles, perfumes or oils in bath water.

Avoid inserting anything into your vagina

During the process of abortion, you will suffer from excessive bleeding so you should use maxi-pads and not insert any tampons or menstrual cups as there are high chances of suffering from inflammation. You should also make sure to avoid sex during the process of abortion at least for 2 weeks.

Do not get a checkup for abortion within a week

Many of the women may be in a hurry to get the abortion confirmed and get a test before the entire abortion has completed. You should take up ultrasound only after 14 days and in case you want to have a urine test you should wait till 4 weeks as the hCG is still present in the urine and you may be still detected as being pregnant.