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Myths about abortion

What people believe about abortion

Facts about abortion

Abortion is dangerous and risky


People believe that having an abortion is very dangerous and can also be fatal as this involves lots of bleeding and the body starts becoming weak because of blood deficit.

The truth is abortion is safer than live births as data says that fewer than one women die in 1,00,000 safe abortions method and 15.9 women died per 1,00,000 live births. This data was recorded in 2012. Actually, during the abortion process the vaginal bleeding that takes place because of the decidua that is shedding. Yes, the body becomes weak during this time but it can be soon recovered within a week if proper rest is taken. And medical and surgical have less than one percent of any major complications. Though users prefer to online buy abortion pills as it is easily available and also easy to use at home.

Women undergoing abortion suffer from postpartum depression

Women who undergo an abortion later regret their decision and suffer from the postpartum depression due to their abortion. They also start arising a guilt feeling within them due to the abortion that they have undergone.

According to a study, 95% who have undergone an abortion feel safe and feel relaxed after an abortion. They moreover feel that they have taken the right decision at the right time. Normally women feel relaxed as per the advancing new standards in the reproductive health (ANSIRH). This research was conducted on 1000 women where 95% of women felt relieved.

Fetus experiences pain during an abortion

It is believed that the unborn suffer from pain during an abortion as it kills an unborn child. The abortion pills suffocate the fetus to the death and then the vaginal blood is actually the blood of the fetus which is flown out during the abortion thus a woman undergoing an abortion is actually performing a feticide.

Researchers have proved that the fetus does not experience any pain till the 30 weeks of pregnancy and only after 30 weeks it starts sensing as the sensory organs start to grow. Meanwhile, during the first trimester, the fetus is just a pea size ball and till the end of the first trimester it leaves the embryonic stage and enters the fetal stage and medical abortion is recommended only in the first trimester. And this does not have any effect on the embryo which is microscopic during the initial days of pregnancy.

The blood that flows out during vaginal discharge is the decidua or the myometrium that starts shedding and which is the support for the fetus.

Medical abortion is unbearably painful

Believes that medical abortion is so unbearably painful that it may be fatal or may cause huge health issues for the women and there isn’t any medication that can alleviate the pain.

Yes, anything natural is painful. In fact, women do face pain during normal menstrual cycles and normal and natural births also have pain, but the pain during an abortion is lesser than live births and more than normal menstrual cycle. You have different anti-inflammatory pills like ibuprofen that work well to alleviate the pain during the abortion process.  

Women have an abortion because they do not want to be a mother

Few people feel that all those women who undergo abortion do not have the capabilities of child nurturing and they do not wish to be a mother. All those women who are having an abortion are because they do not know the goodness of motherhood.

Normally those women who undergo an abortion do not take up motherhood any time in their life.

Researchers claim that 95% of women who undergo an abortion are already mothers and they are experiencing motherhood. Women, in this case, undergo an abortion because they wish to give their entire time and nurture their kids and another child can bring a problem to their child nurturing. Amongst these women few of the women undergo an abortion because their body had experienced a pregnancy soon and being pregnant again will not be supported by their body so early.

Medical abortion isn’t safe for teenagers.

It is said that girls who have become pregnant in their late teen period should not take abortion pills for termination as this isn’t safe for them and they can end up having complications.

The truth is in the late teenage it is better to terminate pregnancy with the help of abortion pills as this is a method of natural abortion and safe abortion methods. In case of surgical abortion, it includes a lot of invasive method of using different surgical apparatus that involves scarping and can harm the uterus during this time. In fact, even doctors ask girls above 18 to buy online abortion pills and get an abortion done either at home or in abortion clinics.

Medical abortion can be reversed

Many women feel that if they anyhow to decide while the abortion process with medical abortion that they want to continue their pregnancy then they can simply stop taking the abortion pills and the entire pregnancy can easily be reversed and will have no issues with the pregnancy in future.

The process of medical abortion is a natural abortion method but it cannot be reversed during any time. If you have already taken the first abortion pill the mifepristone pill that is the anti-progestin then it progesterone hormone has stopped reaching the fetus and this has already stopped the pregnancy. Those who feel have not yet started bleeding and they wish to continue the pregnancy, in such case the pregnancy ends up in invalid birth or death of the fetus.

Abortion causes infertility

This is the most common myth that prevails that abortion causes infertility and if a woman undergoes an abortion then, in that case, the women face problem in future conceiving and at times they lose the fertility

When undergoing an abortion with the abortion pill is one of the common phenomena that is going worldwide and reports have seen that women who prefer to have had multiple abortions with the abortion pill have happily conceived within a year and have enjoyed motherhood without any complications. Worldwide women prefer to buy abortion pills online so that they can easily terminate an unwanted pregnancy at home.