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Buy Nuvaring Online- A Preventive Birth Control Ring

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NuvaRing is also known as a vaginal ring. It is the brand name of a kind of vaginal ring that is used by thousands of women to prevent themselves from unwanted pregnancy. NuvaRing online is a soft adjustable plastic ring that discharges the hormones progesterone and estrogen after inserting it into the vaginal area near the cervix. These hormones inhibit the ovaries from generating eggs. It is also popular as CHC (Combination Hormone Contraceptive) similar to other birth control pills. Over 1.5 million women across the world use the vaginal ring as a means of contraceptive method.

How to insert NuvaRing?

It is very easy to use and insert NuvaRing. Firstly, you need to check and make sure that the vaginal ring is expired. You should not use an expired ring as it can lead to severe complications. Wash your hands neatly and then press the sides of the ring together with the help of your fingers and lightly insert it into your vaginal area. To confirm whether the ring has been placed properly and you can check by walking around. If you do not feel anything then it has been placed correctly.

How to remove the Vaginal Ring?

You can remove the ring after 3 weeks. For removing the ring you should take necessary precautions such as wash your hands while removing the ring, then grab your fingers towards the ring and gradually pull it outside. After removing the ring dispose of it in its foil paper or wrap it using toilet paper. Ask your doctor about the disposal procedure as it contains hormones which are left out in the ring so that it does not cause any further problem.

What are the indications you should know before using the vaginal ring?

Most women buy Nuvaring online, use it and do not face any severe problems. However, it is important to know some of the necessary precautions such as:

If you notice sweating, nausea, pain in back/jaw or trouble in breathing, chest pain, or stomach pain, any kind of discomfort, sore in your hands and legs, moderate to severe headache which is staying constant, aura (seeing zigzag lines or flashing), yellowing or reddening of your eyes or skin, etc. you should call your doctor if you have any queries or any health problems before using the birth control ring.

What are the NuvaRing side effects?

You should be very careful while using the birth control ring as many women do not follow the necessary precautions and then they are likely to become pregnant. About 9% of women turn out to be pregnant and face unwanted side effects.

Some women may experience discomfort in the first usage as the body is not used to the changes in a hormone. Certain health conditions are also responsible for the hormone to be inappropriate in some women. So, you may notice spots or bleeding between your menstruation, nausea, vomiting, breast tenderness, etc. These symptoms generally fade away post two to three months.

Who are not supposed to use the NuvaRing?

Like other medications, the vaginal ring is also contraindicated for some women. So, women who have the following problems should not use the birth control ring-

  • If you are above 35 years of age and you have a habit of smoking.
  • If you have health issues such as blood clotting disorder, breast cancer, heart problems (such as stroke, heart attack) migraine, uncontrollable hypertension, diabetes, liver disease, or other diseases.
  • Speak to your health care provider about your health issues. So that they can suggest you the benefits and risk of using the birth control ring.