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Buy Abortion Pill Pack Online-Prosperous Solution for Unintended Parenthood

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What is abortion and why are Abortion pill pack used?

Sometimes due to unprotected sexual activity, failure of birth control pill or many other reasons you may become pregnant which is an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy. Due to unplanned pregnancy women may have to go through an Abortion keeping all the necessary priorities in the mind.  So to deal with this problem in privacy, Medical abortion with Abortion Pill Pack USA is recommended by many health care advisors.

Another advantage Abortion Pill Pack is that it comes with 2 essential medical abortion pills and 3 side effects pill which rescues women from common side effects which are experienced during the pregnancy and termination procedure.

Name of the medicines which are comprised in Abortion Pill Pack USA?      

The pack contains 5 medicines in total which helps in the termination of the pregnancy as well as prevents the side effects. They are 1 pill of Mifepristone 200 mg, 4 pills of Misoprostol 200 mcg each. Apart from these the other 3 pills are named as Zofran or Ondansetron(Antiemetic), Flexon-MR (Anti-inflammatory), Ethamsylate (Blood Coagulant).

What is the dosage and how do the medicines work?

If any woman is taking the termination pill then she should not be more then 10 weeks pregnant or else medical termination is not possible. Thus, if your pregnancy is within 10 weeks you can start the medical termination procedure at your home with ease by following a few simple steps.

First, you have to take 1 pill of Mifepristone 200 mg with water at your own suitable time. After taking the Mifepristone you have to wait for 1 to 2 days and then take 4 pills of Misoprostol 800 mcg (which is 200 mcg each). You can take the pill by keeping 2 pills on each side of your cheek pouches or beneath your tongue. The pills will melt automatically within 30-40 minutes. Make sure that you do not drink or eat anything within these 30 minutes. After successful completion of 30 minutes, you can drink a glass of water so that whatever remains are left out will get mix with the water. And another way of taking this medicine is by placing the 4 pills into the vaginal area. You can opt for any of the methods which you find more useful.

After taking the Misoprostol you may experience cramping and vaginal discharge as the pill helps to expel the dead fetus with the help of vaginal bleeding.

While taking the abortion pills if you feel like vomiting or nausea you can take the anti-emetic drug called Zofran OR Ondansetron so that you do not take the pill out while vomiting or you do not vomit at least till 30 minutes.

Excessive pain and moderate fever may take place so to cope up with these symptoms you can take medicine called Flexon-MR.

Heavy bleeding and cramping are mandatory in the abortion process so if your bleeding is beyond control then you can take the blood coagulant known as Ethamsylate this will control your cramping and lessen your bleeding.

What are the important indications you should take care of while going through a medical termination?

You should get a pregnancy check-up done prior to abortion procedure to confirm that you are pregnant. And after completion of 10-15 days of medical termination, you again need to get a post-pregnancy test done to confirm whether the termination has taken place completely.

Post-abortion you should try to eat healthy and nutritious food so that you get to recover from it easily and quickly.

Do not do any exercise or go to the fitness center until you are fit.

Avoid using tampons while going through abortion use big sanitary pads instead.