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Abortion – A Sin or A Crime?

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Abortion a word that still gives tremors to Indian mothers. It is neither a sin nor a crime, as it is still legal under certain circumstances. It can be performed until 20 weeks of pregnancy and only if important can be done after 20 weeks with court permissions.

Female foeticide is a result of abortion which is not voluntarily done and due to illegal sex determination of the child. Due to the lack of knowledge many women are tricked into taking abortion pills as a part of their routine medication.

Killing the fetus might be difficult for most women but should not be considered a sin. It will be a crime if you undergo sex determination of the child. There are legal abortions which are not a crime for those facing contraceptive failures, or single women who are not ready to have a child or unmarried women also those who are victims to rapists.

There are many laws which have been passed for abortion cases. No can forcefully or against the mother do the abortion. You can legally file a case in the court in such situations.

There are many ways to terminate the child and one of which is the abortion pills online which are safe to use but may have a few side effects and can be taken at home. These can be taken up to 12 weeks of pregnancy after which the only option is surgical termination.

How do the pills work?

The medical method contains drugs mainly Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Progesterone is a hormone which is responsible for fetal growth and these drugs contain anti-progesterone that stop the growth.  The latter one softens the cervix so that it can dilate easily and also produces uterine contractions. The contents of the uterus get expelled out due to the softening and contractions of the uterine muscles.

In India, these drugs can be taken up to 9 weeks of pregnancy. They are mostly provided to women who do not have access to high quality and affordable abortion where they live or work and also in cases where surgery or Manual Vacuum Aspiration(MVA) cannot be afforded by them.

Reasons behind Unsafe Abortions:

Women in the rural area are still not aware of the laws and availability of all the abortion services. Also, a recommendation from uncertified doctors can lead to such abortions. If the women take these pills at home without consultation from a certified and qualified gynecologist.

Few facts a woman should know about Abortion:

The given time period for every woman for abortion is up to 20 weeks. If there are any severe abnormalities in the fetus and is necessary to abort then it can be done at any time during the pregnancy. For those women who are survivors of a rape case or who are unmarried, divorced or widowed; also women with any disabilities can get it done within 24 weeks.

Make sure to go to a high-quality care abortion center with certified doctors and nurses or ayurvedic or homeopathic doctors. This will help you to have a safe and effective abortion.