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Abortion nowadays can be a painless affair

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Medical abortion is a natural form of abortion which involves a lot of endurance. Though women prefer to buy abortion pills and get a safe abortion but it would be an added advantage if the abortion is hassle-free.

If you have the question whether you can get a painless and effortless abortion or not then your query has a positive answer. This new pack of pregnancy termination pills comes in a set with three more pills to control your contraindications so that your abortion is successfully done without much of turmoil.

Abortion pill pack is such a combination of abortion pills along with the secondary pills to control any aggravated side-effects.

What are the potential abortion pills in this pill pack?

Well, this abortion pill pack contains both the pills that are necessary for a confirmed abortion till the 10th week of the gestation period. The first pill is the mifepristone pill that is the anti-progestin pill that inhibits the flow of progesterone hormone. Once the flow of progesterone hormone is blocked the embryo itself detaches from the placenta.

The second pill is the misoprostol pill that creates contractions in the uterus as this is the prostaglandin E1 analog and the work of it is too dilute the fetal parts along with the placenta tissues.

How should I take the termination pills?

Take the pills starting from the single dose of mifepristone pill. Swallow it with a glass of water and wait for 24 hours before starting with the misoprostol pill. You should take two misoprostol pills at a time, wait for 4-5 hours and then take the remaining two misoprostol pills. Misoprostol pills require being taken sublingually where you need to hold the pills under the tongue for 30 minutes allow it to dissolve and then take a glass of water.

What are the precautionary steps towards having an abortion?

Before having an abortion, confirm the abortion type by having an ultrasound. Once your ultrasound is confirmed that you’re having a uterine pregnancy you can easily start the course. Just be in the light, loose and comfortable clothing and stick to a comfortable place where you can rest and relax during the entire abortion process.

Do I have to meet the doctor?

You will not have to meet the doctor if you follow the correct protocol of taking these pills just make sure that you do not involve into any strenuous work or do not have intercourse till 14 days of abortion and do not use tampons or menstrual cup to soak vaginal discharge instead always use sanitary pads.

Worried about excessive bleeding?

This abortion pill pack contains a blood coagulation ethamsylate- which inhibits the flow of excessive blood from the body thus your body gets ample time to rebuild the lost RBCs.

Worried about excessive vomiting?

Take the anti-emetic pill ondansetron or Zofran just before the misoprostol pills so that you do not pour out the pills and do not vomit during the entire time of abortion process this refrains you from getting dehydrated.

Worried about excessive stomach cramps?

This pill pack can also be called as painless abortion pill pack where it contains an anti-inflammatory pill that alleviates the pain caused due to contractions created in your stomach.