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Benefits and drawbacks of using Abortion pills

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If you want to have a home abortion and are searching for various remedies which can help you terminate the pregnancy safely then first you need to prepare yourself to start with the abortion process. Before you start with the abortion process it is necessary that you do know every pros and cons of the abortion pill online which can help you decide whether it is beneficial or not for you.

Below mentioned are some of the pros and cons which can help you know whether you should use abortion pills or not


Helps to keep abortion private

Abortion pills once are administrated results in bleeding and this makes the abortion look like miscarriage and also this is one of the non-surgical methods. The sooner the abortion is conducted the better results you can get as well you can experience less pain.

Less expensive

Many of the women in countries like the USA get pregnant at a young age and they do not have enough of money which can help them to undergo surgical termination. Hence such women or girls above the age of 18 years can use abortion pills to have a termination.

No risk of infection

As the medical termination is been conducted with the help of medicines no instruments are been used. As there is only involvement of the termination pills there is no risk of having an infection.

Early termination

During the abortion, women are suggested that if they have a pregnancy gestation period of up to 10 weeks they can easily terminate it with MTP kit pills. Once your gestation period crosses 10 weeks you become ineligible to use this termination pills.


No late termination

You can buy abortion pills to terminate the pregnancy only if the gestation period of your pregnancy is not more than 10 weeks and hence women those who decide to terminate the pregnant after 10 weeks are left with surgical termination option. Hence these medicines do not allow you to have a late termination.

Drugs may fail

There are at least 2-4% chances that this method of termination may fail. In case you experience the failure of the drug then you are suggested that to remove the leftovers you do seek help from the health care provider.

Takes a long time duration

Surgical termination takes at least 20-30 minutes whereas medical termination takes 14-20 days to get the process. The fetal tissues get removed within 2 days or after few hours of administrating Misoprostol pill but still, women continue to bleed and cramp for at least 20 days.

Side effects

After you use MTP kit you can have some of the side effects like cramping, clotting, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and fatigue and these side effects get worse. The risk of bleeding increases in some women and may require blood transfusion in worse condition.

Knowing the pros and cons of abortion pills helps you to understand the medical process to end the pregnancy. In case you do not have any knowledge about this medicine then you can seek help from your health care provider to know about the abortion pills and the process to use it.