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Learn how to eliminate sexual Dysfunction in women by using Lovegra

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Did you know how Lovegra cures sexual Dysfunction in women?

Lovegra is popularly known as pink pill or female Viagra. Lovegra cures sexual Dysfunction in women and rejuvenates sex life. In industry when Viagra for men became popular that time to cure sexual dysfunction in women Lovegra was introduced. Lovegra works similar to Viagra used by men containing same active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate. Lovegra belongs to Citrate family, it is also called as Pink Kamagra because of the working mechanism of Sildenafil Citrate. This pill showcased its benefits in solving problems associated to sexual dysfunction in females. This pill eliminates the problems caused during sexual intercourse and adds pleasure in your sex life.



It is recommended to intake the Lovegra pill 30-45 minutes prior to sexual intercourse, once the pill gets into the body and starts working by making the women reproductive organ to get excited and it gives lot of pleasure during sexual intercourse. This pill also helps in the lubrication process in the vaginal part of women. The chemical compositions present in this medication are very much helpful in the treatment of curing sexual dysfunction in ladies. Buy Lovegra Online from, which is trusted online international pharmacy sells best quality generic pills at very low price.

Lovegra dosage per day

Per day women should intake 100mg of Lovegra. To get best results before intake of Lovegra, consult doctor and take an advice from them for a better health. One can consume this pill orally with a glass of water before 30-45 minutes of sexual activity. For effective results, try not to take the pill in crushed or chewable form. It is better not to alter the pill dosages. Lovegra is available only in online pharmacy. This is one of the well recognized medicine which boosts the sexual pleasure in women. As soon as the pill starts working it increases the blood flow in the various parts of the body will be increased, hence the pill enhances pleasure in sexual activity.

Did you know how Lovegra works in women body?

Lovegra shows its magic for more than 4-6 hours duration in achieving better orgasm by giving sexual satisfaction in relationship. Woman will be able to manage multiple orgasms in short duration. Lovegra helps in elevating the libido levels in women and it also enhances the ejaculation effectively. Sildenafil Citrate mainly contains Nitric acid as the major composition which is good for the blood circulation in the body, especially in genital parts in women. Doctors suggest to consume the pill in empty stomach for the better benefits or consume the pill after a less fat meal.

Buy Lovegra online which elevates the sex drive in life, ignites the sexual sensation, for multiple orgasms and strengthened orgasm, engorgement of clitoris by increasing the circulation of blood. Buy Lovegra online and for more details visit us at

Did you know what side effects can be caused by Lovegra?

Some of the side effects include minor headache, blurred vision, stomach upset, flushing sensation in face. These side effects of Lovegra will not last longer. There are very less chances where people left consuming this pill due to its side effects.

If you have major health issues like cardiac problems, hypertension diabetes mellitus, cancer and any other complicated health issues, please do not consume this pill or else do seek for an advice from doctor before taking this medication.