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Now it is easy to terminate unwanted pregnancy by using Cytotec

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Use Cytotec and get rid off unwanted pregnancy

When woman wants to terminate unwanted pregnancy in a safe and easiest way then, Cytotec pill is one stop destination. Misoprostol or Cytolog composed of ingredient Misoprostol which is been approved by FDA. Cytotec helps the womb to push out all the pregnancy parts in body within couple of hours. In some cases for few women it might takes few days to terminate their pregnancy completely. According to the survey 95% of women say Cytolog works as expected it terminates unwanted pregnancy. One can buy Cytotec online at cheap price and terminate pregnancy.



Working process of Cytolog

In termination of early pregnancy, Cytotec pill plays a secondary role. Hence one should not forget to take this pill right after 24 hours to 48 hours of Mifepristone consumption. Mifepristone is a primary abortion tablet.

This pill performs the contraction of uterus, which makes the pregnancy contents and fetal remnants to get expelled from the body. Due to this contractions womb gets off the pregnancy parts. Remaining parts are expelled by heavy bleeding and blood clots. During this phase one can feel abdominal cramps and pains which is normal.

Dosage and usage of Cytolog Pill        

A person will need 800mcg of Cytolog for oral use, which are of 4 pills each pill is of 200mcg. You need to place the pills at once inside the cheek pouches so the tablet can melt. After half an hour gulp down the pills. After 2 hours if you don’t see bleeding then you should take another 4 pills in similar way. After 3 hours of first dosage intake, you should consume second dosage.

Did you know about the side effects of Cytolog?

Buy cheap Cytotec online to terminate unwanted pregnancy, during the termination pill may cause slight side effects which are temporary. Side effects can be headache, nausea, fever, tiredness, dizziness, diarrhea, vomiting, chills etc. No need to worry much for these symptoms as it will disappear soon after abortion takes place.

Precautions need to be taken during Cytolog consumption

Before planning to buy Cytolog online, Consult your doctor and discuss about any kind of allergies to the pills or any other products. Cytotec pill contains some inactive contents which may trigger allergic reactions. Hence talk to your doctor for more details.

It is better to convey your medical history to physician, problems related to stomach, intestine, liver, kidney, heart, inflammatory bowel disorder, uterine rupture, cesarean delivery history and in case if the lady is pregnant more than 5 times. Consumption of alcohol and tobacco usage can elevate the stomach bleeding issue. Hence it is mandatory not to smoke and drink during this medicine course. One must not consume this medicine if the pregnancy crossed 10 weeks, if the age is greater than 35 years then avoid this medicine. Don’t buy this pill if you have ectopic pregnancy.

What are the medical benefits of Cytotec?

Buy Cytotec abortion pill online to terminate unwanted pregnancy along with that it also avoids ulcers of stomach, in case if the individual is using NSAIDs. This pill may be suggested to decrease the risk of ulcer issues like bleeding. This pill protects the lining of abdominal region by decreasing the acid levels. If you are going to buy this pill for other than abortion then consult your doctor.