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Looking For Effective Birth Control? Try NuvaRing

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There are women who prefer to have a planned pregnancy and for this, they wish to take birth control measures that are safe and can prevent them from getting pregnant. There are few cases in which women forget to take the regular pills and fail to stop pregnancy. A solution to this problem is the nuvaring which isn’t any dose to be taken regularly but needs to be placed in the vagina. You can easily buy nuvaring online or over the counter.



What is this ring all about?

Nuvaring is a small elastic vaginal band that helps in preventing the sperms from meeting the egg and thus stops fertilization. This nuvaring is put in the vagina for 3 weeks and then it is removed from the uterus for a week and again a fresh ring is inserted?

What is the working system of this ring?

This vaginal ring releases estrogen and progesterone in small amounts which increases the level of these hormones in the body. When these hormones are high in the body then ovulation doesn’t take place. When the ovulation doesn’t take place then you do not have mature eggs for fertilization.

This also leads to thickening of the inner lining of the cervix that is the mucus and this thickened mucus then hinders the sperms route towards the egg as the sperms find it difficult to swim through the thickened mucus.

How is this ring placed?

You need to squat or lie down so that you can easily insert the ring into your vagina.

You should place the ring in the vagina by thinning it from both the sides and pressing it inside the vagina with the help of index finger. It is not necessary for the ring to be in the exact position as the position doesn’t alter its efficacy. In some cases, women feel about their presence of nuvaring in the vagina and in some cases women can’t even trace about its presence inside the body.

You may feel uncomfortable after placing the ring inside your vagina which indicates that the ring is not placed properly. You need to push it as much as you can inside your vagina bit remember not to push too far into the bladder. If you start facing pain and you do not find the nuvaring in the vagina then you must call and visit the doctor at the earliest.

Side-effects of nuvaring

This ring can lead to blood clots during periods, as these pills create a situation as if the body is pregnant. If blood clots are too frequent during the periods then you should immediately seek the doctor’s advice as too much blood clot can lead to disease like brain stroke, the problem in lungs or cardiac arrest.

Normally women face problems like irritation in the vagina, different changes in mood, at times depression or a headache. At times the ring slips out and causes discomfort.

How far is this vaginal ring protective?

You should remember that this ring only helps in preventing pregnancy it does not act as a barrier for sexually transmitted diseases (STD) or HIV AIDS.

Who are eligible for using this ring?

This can be used by women who are below the age of 35 and are not suffering from any problem of heart or lungs or any blood pressure issues