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Facts about MTP kit that every woman should know

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Women do stick to use medical abortion as this is a quite affordable and effective method to terminate the pregnancy during the early stages. There are many of the online pharmacies from where women can purchase online abortion pills for termination. There are many of the sites which provide with the fast shipping and help women to end the pregnancy at earliest.

Below given are some of the facts of the MTP kit which every woman should know

Fact 1:  It contains two pills for the termination

There are two types of pills present in MTP kit one of them is an anti-progesterone pill (Mifepristone) and another one is prostaglandin pill (Misoprostol). At times doctor recommends women to use these pills in combination. To get the successful and desired results of abortion you can order MTP kit which helps to evict the fetus from the body.

Fact 2: No immediate side effects after the first pill

From the MTP kit, you need to first use Mifepristone pill to begin with the medical process. After you use this anti-progesterone pill with a glass of water some women can experience the side effects whereas some may not. Women may have the regular symptoms of nausea and weakness which indicate the beginning of the termination. The first pill only works by blocking the pregnancy hormones which separates the fetus from the uterus.

Fact 3: The second pill helps in ending the pregnancy completed

The second pill is to be consumed after 24 hours of using the anti-progesterone pill and this abortion pill is responsible for ejecting pregnancy parts from the body due to which the uterus contracts and results in cramping and vaginal bleeding. After using the second pill it is likely that women can experience the side effects like vaginal bleeding and cramping after a few hours of administrating the second pill.

Fact 4: Medical termination takes at least two weeks of time

Medical termination of pregnancy usually takes a time of 14-20 days of time to get the abortion process completed. Once you use MTP kit it depends completely on the gestation period of pregnancy. Depending upon the gestation period of the pregnancy the time taken by medicines to end the pregnancy can be told.

Fact 5: The side effects go as soon as process finishes

After you use MTP kit there are certain side effects which do last for a few time. Some of the side effects that can be experienced by women are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, stomach cramps, and excessive bleeding. Once the process gets completed this side effects also vanishes but in case if you experience that these side effects are getting worse then you need to seek medical help for treating them.

After using this online kit you can plan your diet with better nutrition so that you’ll recover soon after the process. Maintain a proper diet is one of the best ideas to get recover and heal soon. Along with all this, it is also necessary that you do take all the precautions which can help you recover soon.