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Food to include in diet after using MTP kit

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When a woman chooses to terminate the pregnancy she needs to consider everything like whether the decision made by her is correct or not, but what are the side effects that can affect her in future, what preparations are needed to be done by her, what things are to be stocked up, when, what to eat and what are the foods which she should not eat.

Abortion with the help of MTP kit is the basic method used to terminate an unplanned pregnancy. This method is mostly used during the first trimester according to the gestation period of 10 weeks. After having an abortion it is mandatory that you do look into what you eat and what not. Many of the women buy MTP kit Online to get the pregnancy terminated. This kit contains the pills which work on the non-hormonal consequences and perform the termination of the pregnancy. This medicine first breaks out the lining of a uterus, then helps in expelling the fetus by causing the contraction to the uterus. It is confined that this is a non-surgical method which helps women to end the unplanned pregnancy.

The dosage of MTP kit pills

This abortion kit contains Mifepristone and Misoprostol and there are 5 tablets in this kit which help to end an unplanned pregnancy. It is advised that women those who have 10 weeks of pregnancy gestation period can easily utilize these medicines for termination. On the first-day women need to use one pill of Mifepristone and this medicine is been swallowed with a glass of water. After taking this pill then you need to wait for a duration of 24 hours and then take Misoprostol 200mcg pill form the MTP kit. You can insert this abortion pill vaginally or even administrate it buccally.

Reasons why people are choosing abortion

There are a number of reasons which makes women take a step towards the abortion

  • Women have an unplanned pregnancy
  • Malfunction of birth control pill
  • Rape
  • Pregnant lady with health issues
  • Done with parenting
  • Unstable financial conditions
  • Health issues to the fetus

Diet which you need to follow after using MTP kit

During such time it is necessary that you do take utmost care of yourself and diet should never be neglected.

  • Avoid the intake of high dairy processed foods
  • Avoid doing dieting
  • Consume a proper amount of minerals, iron, vitamins, etc
  • Increase the protein consumption in your diet
  • Add veggies and fruits to your meals
  • Also, make sure that your diet contains fiber
  • Include fish, chicken, cooked dry beans and peas so that amount of vitamin B and iron can be balanced in the body.

A healthy diet helps you to heal sooner and also helps to maintain a balance. Doctors recommend women to avoid being hungry for a long period of time. Following a nutrition rich diet after an abortion helps you to recover in a faster manner.

Precautions after using MTP kit

  • Avoid the physical exertion
  • Avoid intercourse
  • Use contraceptives so that you can avoid the future pregnancies
  • Better to avoid breastfeeding for at least 5-6 hours of using abortion pills
  • Avoid the intake of alcohol and smoke while on MTP kit
  • Inserting of tampons is restricted and instead, sanitary pads use is suggested