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How well can an abortion be handled?

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Situation and tragedies lead you to take some steps which you would not have opted for if the time was fair. One of these adverse situations lead to termination of unwanted pregnancy which needs to be ended and along with that almost destroys your mental self.And during this time you require to be convalescent. Hence suggests you opt for the medical abortion so that the entire abortion is naturally done and is safer. You can buy abortion pills online very easily in a clandestine way.



Here we will give you the basic guidelines of how to take care of yourself during the entire process of abortion with the help of abortion pills through more effective approach.

What to do before an abortion?

When you have planned your abortion through means of abortion pills then you need to be over cautious about taking each step. Get yourself mentally planned for the abortion, keep every little thing beside you that gives you happiness. Get a quick abortion done to confirm your pregnancy days as well as the type of abortion. You can only start off with the medical abortion when you have a uterine pregnancy. Seek a comfortable and relaxed place for yourself.

How to start with the abortion?

  1. Take the first pill of mifepristone which is anti-progestin abortion pill orally with water. This abortion pill will detach the fetus from the uterus. A bit of spotting and cramping can occur but make sure not to be too impatient if you don’t have the same.
  2. After 24 hours take the next dose of misoprostol that is two pills at a time followed by a gap of 3 hours and then take the remaining doses.
  3. After the last pill of misoprostol, you will start bleeding and face heavy abdominal cramps, but you need to tackle it with patience if you are not able to endure the pain you can take ibuprofen and there is also a medication to control excessive blood flow you need to Take these pills over the counter.

How to care about the abortion?

  1. You should not involve any kind of hard labor or any kind of activities that are strenuous.
  2. Avoid taking oily foods or greasy foods that may lead to indigestion or aggregate the problem of diarrhoea.
  3. You should not take too much of anti-inflammatory pills as this will reduce the action of the misoprostol tabs.
  4. Avoid involving in any kind of erotic activities so that your uterus does not get infected.
  5. Remember to use only sanitary pads during this process and strictly prohibit the use of tampons or menstrual cups.

What to do if abortion is not complete?

If the abortion is not complete then you have to go for aspiration method or surgical method of abortion at this stage it is prohibited to continue with the pregnancy as this will lead to invalid pregnancy in future.

How to confirm abortion?

If you have faced proper bleeding then after 2 weeks you can check with an ultrasound or if you wish to confirm it with a urine test you need to get the test done after 4 weeks.