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Is abortion pills a better option than surgery?

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People tend to avoid surgeries even the minor ones and think of it as a huge term for any treatment. The fact is both are safe and effective and both have risks too which are not so common.

Abortion pills online are the first choice for those who want to get it done alone or those who are single (unmarried or divorced), rape victims or those who do not want surgical intervention.

In clinical abortion trained doctor and nurses use instruments and suction for the removal of the fetus from the uterus. While medical abortion involves taking the pills orally either in the clinic or at home wherever it feels comfortable and safe.

Success rates are higher in clinical abortion as compared to pills but even they have a success rate of 91% and more.

Pills can be taken up to 10 weeks, from the first day after your period ends. But the surgery can be done till 24 weeks of pregnancy.

While doing a clinical abortion you will have to undergo administration of anesthesia and at least a days rest on the bed or until the effect of the anesthesia is completely gone. But when taking pills you can carry out your day to day activities normally and you won’t also require a bed.

How to take these pills?

One medicine has to be taken in the clinic and the other at home. The one taken in the clinic is inserted in the vagina by trained doctor or nurses and will take only a few minutes. After a day or two, the other medicine has to be taken orally. You can even take both the medicines at home after gathering all the information and instructions. Abortion will be mostly done after you take the second pill within 24 hours.

You have to visit the doctor before and after taking abortion pills. You also have to make sure from the doctor whether the abortion was successful or not. In case any tissue is left behind, your doctor will either give another medication or surgically remove it.

Additional Information:

Keep an extra set of pads with you if planning to go out as you will face light to heavy bleeding. The bleeding can last for a week too. If you get any side effects immediately report to your doctor.

Follow all the instructions after your abortion and make regular visits to your doctor.

These pills won’t affect your fertility or any of your future pregnancies. They also do not have a role in increasing the risks of breast cancer.

When taking these pills give yourself some rest and after abortion take a day off from work and your daily activities. You can also have sexual intercourse as soon as you feel ready or comfortable.

You might face mood swings or emotional changes which are absolutely normal and happen due to a change in the hormone levels.

You can have cramping or pain for a day or two. You should always feel and think positive in such a situation and have supportive people around you. Do not let your emotions take you away. Always keep in mind the saying, ‘Where there is a will, there’s always a way’.