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Learn how to terminate pregnancy with abortion pills

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How to terminate unwanted pregnancy using abortion pills?

When a woman decides to terminate the unwanted pregnancy to avoid complications in her life all she needs is an abortion pills. Hence came up with an idea of making women lives better. Our focus is not only for women but also men. Men doesn’t have less sexual problems, health issues compared to women. Hence sells medication for both men and women for wide variety of problems. That’s the reason sells medication for both men and women. Abortion pills plays a vital role in terms of ending up unwanted pregnancy at right time. Woman can make an abortion by herself by consuming the medications like Misoprostol and Mifepristone. These two medicines play a big role in abortion. These tablets can terminate until the 12th pregnancy week. For buying abortion pills please visit at 90% of the times Misoprostol or cytotec will definitely terminate pregnancy if in rare cases it is failing one can retake after 3 days.



How Misoprostol can cause abortion?

Mechanism of Misoprostol is, it causes contractions in the womb and womb starts expelling the pregnancy during this, women might face severe stomach cramps, rate of blood loss through vagina which will be greater than during menstrual cycle. One can also experience vomiting, nausea diarrhoea. There are very rare chances where woman losses lot of blood and she might need a doctor attention.

When not to use Misoprostol?

If one crosses more than 12 weeks of pregnancy, Misoprostol will never be recommended to intake. Misoprostol is not recommended if the pregnancy type is ectopic. Ectopic pregnancy means pregnancy will not be in the womb. If a woman has intra uterine device then also Misoprostol should not be used unless the device is removed from the body. Once confirming pregnancy then only one must consume this medicine. If a woman is allergic to prostaglandin and Misoprostol then she should not use this medication.

When can Misoprostol fail to cause abortion?

Chances are very rare, most of the times it will cause abortion but there are very few cases in which Misoprostol will fail to cause abortion such situations are when woman is having ectopic pregnancy, if the consumed Misoprostol pills are not genuine Misoprostol pills, in less chances medicine might not work. In such cases woman must reattempt to take the tablets after 2-3days and it might cause abortion, if pills are not at all working for you then please consult doctor. In case if your suffering from any sexually transmitted disorders then please take the guidance of physician and proper treatment for such diseases before taking Misoprostol to avoid further complications.

When you take medication please stay with someone who can take care of you in case of complications. To relieve stomach cramps one can make use of hot water bags, but never take alcohol or drugs during abortion. For more details and to buy an abortion pill please visit us at we would love to serve you better to make a difference.