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The difference and the similarities between MTP Kit and Abortion Pill Pack

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To rest the queries whether to buy MTP Kit Online or buy abortion pill pack I have come with a complete study on these two abortion pills.

Contents of these kits and pill pack

First, let me tell you that both these abortion pill pack, as well as MTP kit, have an equal level of efficacy that is 98% as both the essential abortion pills are present in this kit as well as a pack. There are 1 mifepristone pill and 4 misoprostol pills present in each kit and pack. The mifepristone pill in both the pack as well as the Kit is of strength 200 mg and the misoprostol pills are of strength 200 mcg each that is a complete dosage of 800 mcg.



Dosage structure of these kit and pack

The dosage structure for both mifepristone pill and the misoprostol pill is the same for the MTP kit and the abortion pill pack.The mifepristone pill needs to be taken orally with the help of a glass of water without crushing or dividing the pills. You need to also take the misoprostol pills after 24 hours by keeping it under the tongue and allowing it to dissolve for at least half an hour. After this time you can drink a glass of water to ingest the remaining abortion pills.

Which pill is required less?

Both the pill pack as well as the kit contains the exact amount of abortion pills with the exact dosage; your requirements of this kit and pack will depend upon your pregnancy age.

If you are 5 weeks pregnant or lesser then you will require 1 abortion pill pack or 1 MTP kit and if your pregnancy is above 5 weeks you will require 2 MTP kits or 2 abortion pill pack.In case you are taking 2 kits or 2 pill packs you will have to take both mifepristone pills first with a gap of 4 hours between the two pills and only after 24 hours you will take the misoprostol pills. You can take 4 misoprostol pills at a time and keep a gap of 3 hours between them.

Are the side-effects faced different?

No, the side-effects faced by taking the pills of kit and pack are the same. You may suffer from vomiting or nausea but you will definitely suffer from cramps and vaginal bleeding.

The basic difference

Abortion pill pack has additional pills along with the abortion pills that alleviate the side-effects when any of the side-effects aggravate.

Zofran / ondansetron- these pills are the anti-emetic pill that stops vomiting and also stops the feeling of nausea in the body. This is helpful for all those women who puke out the abortion pills within an hour after taking them as this helps the ingredients to remain in the body and helps to complete the abortion successfully.

Flexon-MR: These pills are the anti-inflammatory pill that lessens the stomach cramps and the fever faced during an abortion. This is helpful for those who cannot bear the pain of abortion.

Ethamsylate- this is the hemostatic mediator that controls the excessive blood flow from the body. This pill will not stop the blood flow from the body but it will not allow excessive blood flow and will prevent your body from lowering the blood counts or hemoglobin.

All these side-effects medication are only present in the abortion pill pack and so the cost of abortion pill pack is greater than that of MTP kit. Those women who buy over the counter pills to control the side-effects, for them it is better to buy abortion pill pack as this is cost-effective and just adding a little more cost includes all the pills to control side-effects in one single pack.