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MTP Kit - A more comprehensive way of abortion

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All those women who are thinking of getting an abortion with the help of abortion pills are in a constant dilemma which abortion pill to use and which will help them terminate pregnancy more safely and with complete accuracy. For your information, there isn't 100% guarantee for any mode of abortion unless it is a proper surgical abortion which normally women do not prefer because of the risks that are involved. Before you buy abortion pill online it is better to go through which is the best abortion pill and how much that will suit you for abortion.



If you are choosing for abortion with abortion pills then there cannot be any other pill that is better than the MTP Kit. This kit is combined in such as way that it gives you a complete surety of abortion with its use. At the very first instance, it contains both the mifepristone pill as well as the misoprostol pill for abortion. Both these abortion pills are self-capable of inducing an abortion during the initial days of the first trimester. Whereas when these are used together they are bound to give efficacy of about 98%.

If you are in your 1st-trimester pregnancy and within 5 weeks of gestation period then one MTP Kit is enough to get you an abortion. In case you have exceeded your pregnancy from 5 weeks then you should go for two MTP kits.

Each MTP Kit contains one pill of mifepristone and 4 pills of misoprostol. The mifepristone pill that is antisecretory pill impedes the progesterone hormone so that the pregnancy easily ceases to exist. It is also uterotonic where the contraction already starts with the ingestion of the first pill itself.

When the synthetic prostaglandin misoprostol is taken then the uterine contractions further increases and the endometrial starts shedding while the cervix widens up.

The dosage pattern of this abortion Kit is very easy, whenever you start with this kit remember to start with the mifepristone pill. Once this pill is taken then only after 24 hours you can take the misoprostol pill.  The mifepristone pill is meant for oral consumption only. The misoprostol pill is advised to be taken sub-lingually or buccally as it this way the misoprostol pill assimilates better and its action is faster. You can take misoprostol pills two at a time with an interval of 3 hours or 4 at a time

In case you are taking two MTP kits then you will have to take two mifepristone pills first with a gap of 3 hours and then after 24 hours, you need to take 8 misoprostol pills. The mifepristone pills have an efficacy rate of around 64% so there are high chances that you may start feeling cramping and profuse bleeding. You should not stop taking the medication here you should continue taking the misoprostol pills so that your pregnancy abortion is confirmed.

You should take this abortion kit only after confirming your pregnancy type as any of the abortion pills present in this kit does not work on ectopic pregnancy. Any kind of cardiovascular issues or problem of untraced abnormal bleeding, allergy to the active ingredients mifepristone or misoprostol should not take MTP Kit for abortion.