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MTP Kit the most trusted solution to medical abortion

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All those who are suffering from the dilemma of surgical abortion or medical abortion I wish to disclose you the best possible way to get the most natural form of abortion i.e. the medical abortion.

In case of medical abortion the most worried problem is the level of efficacy but now rest your worries as we have the best pill known as MTP Kit that has efficacy as high as 98% if used during the first trimester and within 10 weeks of pregnancy duration. Buy MTP Kit Online easily and utilize it to get effective results.

This MTP Kit contains one mifepristone tablet and 4 misoprostol pills, though these pills also work individually.

What is mifepristone?

This is also known as the anti-progesterone pill that impedes the production of progesterone which is essentially required for the development of the fetus. The fetus stops its growth as soon as the progesterone hormone is blocked. As placenta doesn’t get this hormone anymore it loses its control over the fetus. This is the start of the abortion process.

This pill is the primary single pill present in the MTP Kit and it requires to be taken orally with the help of water. Wait for few hours say 4 to 5 hours before ingesting the second pill.

What is misoprostol?

The second pill in this MTP Kit is misoprostol that has an inherent quality of dilating the uterus. The cervix gets widened and the endometrial thickness starts decreasing. This pill works as an annihilator by wiping out the entire pregnancy tissues in the form of vaginal discharge. This pill comes in strength of 200mcg and is taken buccally or vaginally. Normally if it is administered by own self then the best method is to take it buccally or sublingually where the pills are kept in the cheek pouch or under the tongue and allowed to get dissolved with the saliva. There are four pills of misoprostol available in this MTP Kit which can be taken one at a time but the best way to avoid any vomiting is to take one at a time and keep a duration of 3-4 hours in between.

What are the issues to be faced?

Being crystal clear about the efficacy of the product I want to say that there are some intended side – effects of this kit.

Now, side-effects that are faced after an abortion are inevitable as the entire parts need to be obliterated. So the common side-effects are heavy vaginal bleeding and stomach cramps, these two side effects also confirm that your abortion is a success.

Some women may also feel nauseous or have a vomiting tendency, and face the problem of diarrhoea that is rare but not to be worried about as it is transient and will take a week to diminish. But vaginal bleeding can retain till 14 days which becomes scant at the later stages.

Few precautions to look upon

Make sure you get an ultrasound sound done prior to your abortion as this MTP kit can only be started if you are having an uterine pregnancy and it doesn’t support abortion in case of ectopic pregnancy. You need to keep a few things in mind during the abortion to refrain from orgasm and not to take magnesium induced products as this can trigger the problem of diarrhoea.