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Proper regime to get the safest medical abortion

By ,  Mtp Kit

If you are taking abortion pills for abortion then there are few precautionary measures that you should follow before you land on some critical issues. Abortion is easy with abortion pills if the correct protocols are followed. Normally to terminate the pregnancy either the mifepristone pill or the misoprostol pill is used. Some use either of them or at the time both of them together.



The mifepristone based pill when is used should be taken within 49 days of pregnancy while the misoprostol pills can be extended to 56 days. The combo of both the pills can be used to terminate pregnancy until 10 weeks. If you are taking the combination of both the abortion pills then it is compulsory that you start with the mifepristone pill and only after 24 hours you so take the misoprostol pill. Termination pills are also available online and you can buy abortion pills online from different online pharmacies.

Abortion pills have a few contraindications. It does not work on ectopic pregnancy. So prior to getting an abortion it is necessary that you get an ultrasound done. If you are using an IUD device then you should necessarily remove to refrain intensified pelvic pain.

Avoid pregnancy termination pills if suffering from long-term adrenal failure, hemorrhage disorders, if you are having an allergy to prostaglandin then avoid misoprostol and you should avoid mifepristone in case of allergy from it or having concurrent anticoagulant therapy or Systemic corticosteroid therapy. The mifepristone pills should be taken orally and misoprostol pills can be taken buccally, sub-lingually or vaginally. The mucosal administration has now been taken as the best method as this avoids any side-effects of gastrointestinal problems.

The dating of pregnancy should be done properly in order to know which dosage pattern will suit you the best. Your pregnancy dates should be counted from your last menstrual cycle. Your first day of the menstrual cycle is counted as your first day of pregnancy.

Quant HCG is also a method to track your pregnancy days by checking the HCG levels of your body.

Avoid taking magnesium in any form along with grapefruit that can alter the efficacy of the abortion pills. Magnesium worsens the condition of diarrhea while grapefruit enhances the blood flow in the. Body.

If abdominal cramps are too high then ibuprofen of 800 mg can be taken to alleviate the pain but excessive intake of painkillers can decrease the uterotonic contractions in the uterine resulting in an incomplete abortion.

Under any circumstances, pregnancy should not be taken up after taking the termination pills if the abortion is not complete as this leads to fetal malformations. A suggestive method is to undergo aspiration abortion which is equally safe and devoid of anesthesia or surgical instruments.

Constant bleeding upto15 days or even more can be seen during an abortion and it is prohibited to use menstrual cups and tampons during this time and only use maxi-pads. Involving into erotic activity till 4 weeks prior to an abortion is avoided.

Any strenuous activities are avoided during this time as the myometrium is weak and the uterus is thinning any kind of ac tivities can rupture the uterus.