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Terminate unwanted pregnancy at home with the most widely used kit- MTP kit

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Pregnancy which is not planned and is unwanted is called unintentional pregnancy. Pregnancy can take place if safety contraception is not considered. Hence prevention includes family planning counselors and sex education. If you are not planning to get pregnant and end up being pregnant you need not worry, you can terminate your pregnancy through abortion. Abortion is the medical term used for ending of a pregnancy which is the removal of the fetus or an embryo. In-clinic abortion and abortion pills are the two ways by which pregnancy can be ended

Abortion pills contain 2 medicines that are Misoprostol and Mifepristone, which is 95% effective. The most well-known medicine used to terminate an unwanted pregnancy is MTP kit, you can buy MTP kit online

How does the abortion pill/ MTP kit work?

As mentioned above MTP pill contains two widely used medicine that is Misoprostol and mifepristone. A pregnancy to grow properly needs a hormone named progesterone. Mifepristone blocks the body's ability to produce progesterone thus deteriorating the growth of the pregnancy. On the other hand, the medicine Misoprostol leads to cramping which eventually leads to bleeding and empties your uterus causing termination of your unwanted pregnancy

When can one take the pill?

The pill should be taken up to 70 days that is 10 weeks after the first day of when you had your last period. After the 70th day, in clinic termination of pregnancy is recommended as the abortion pill will not work after 70 days. The abortion pill process is very similar to what we call an early miscarriage

Is it safe to have an abortion pill?

It is safe to take an abortion pill in case you get pregnant and don’t plan on keeping the pregnancy. Millions of people use abortion pill rather than in-clinic abortion as if is safe and noninvasive. Though abortion pills are always an option for ending a pregnancy it is always advised to take precautions during intercourse by use of a contraception

After abortion.

It is advised to rest after an abortion. You can continue with a normal routine avoid a heavy workload for some days. You can either use a pad, tampon or a cup when you are bleeding, but it is highly advised to use a pad as it helps you to have an estimation of the amount of blood flow

Warning signs after taking an abortion pill.

There might be cases of complication after having an abortion pill. If there are any such symptoms, it is a warning sign that you might be experiencing a complication hence it is advised to immediately consult a doctor

  • You might experience pain, this pain should get better
  • A high fever which doesn’t seem to get better even after taking a medicine
  • If you need to change 2 pads or more in1-hour duration because of a very heavy flow
  • If you experience any redness, itching or swelling anywhere in your body, this suggests of an allergic reaction.
  • There may also be difficulty in breathing this is a serious allergic reaction.
  • Your blood color is different from what it usually is when you have your period or when the blood smells way too bad.