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What is Generic Levitra, and what are its uses?

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What is Generic Levitra, and what are its uses?

Generic Levitra is an eventual treatment for men dealing with male impotence problems which is a horrifying experience also named as erectile dysfunction (ED). According to the research 52% of the men’s over the age of 40 and 26% of men’s underage of 40, experience this problem. No erection during provocation is pathetic and hard to experience. It indirectly affects the person as well as their relation. Most of the men are falling into this trap due to various reasons and health-related issues.

It belongs to a drug of competence and can treat ED even though whatever the cause is. The drug mixes into the bloodstream and swiftly changes everything around there. It is an irreplaceable drug for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. After the intake of the medication, men must wait for few minutes for its effective results. Generic Levitra is also known as Vardenafil. According to the AUA (American Urological Association), PDE-5 resistant should be granted as first-line therapy for male impotence.

How ED is commonly treated?

It is important to treat ED. You should be prepared to handle your condition not as a patient but as a partner. Also, ED is generally a symptom of a more serious underlying condition such as diabetes, heart disease, depression, etc. Nothing would be a sign of your success if you could not resolve the condition that causes you erectile dysfunction.

What is the working mechanism?

Generic Levitra online works by regulating blood circulation and blood supply in the direction of the male sexual part. The main origin of ED is PDE-5 enzyme. Thus, the organ is encased by PDE-5. Due to the protection around the male reproductive organ, blood does not find a way to come in and thus give tight erections for completing the sexual activity. This drug is also known as PDE5 resistant because it’s the main working mechanism of the drug and involves prevention of PDE5. The prevention is followed by liberation of nitric oxide and CGMP enzyme. Nitric oxide is important for unleashing the muscles of the male reproductive organ. This drug works perfectly and transmits erection thus improves the sexual life of men.

Why are generic ED pills cheaper?

The companies producing generic medication do not need to bear 3 types of cost which the brand companies face 1- R&D (Research and development cost) of the drug, 2- Cost combined for providing efficacy and safety of the drug. 3- Millions of dollars contributed to marketing and advertising the product. A brand name company tries to regain all the cost which they must spend on the research and development and the cost spend on achieving regulatory approval of the drug. Thus, the companies producing generic medication do not need to prove themselves about such activities, therefore, they save a huge amount of expense because of this generic medication and found with a significantly lesser price than brand medicines in the market.

What are the suitable dosage instructions?

It is a powerful medication which helps deal with male impotency. The 3 doses which are available in this ED pill are 5-mg, 10-mg, and 20-mg respectively. The dosage is suggested by the medical expert based on their age factors and medical conditions. 5-mg to 10-mg is given in the initial stage. However, if serious ED is determined then Generic Levitra 20-mg can also be prescribed.

What to do if the dose is missed?

This drug is not for regular use. It should be only taken when you are physically excited. Otherwise, do not take this drug

What happens in case of an overdose?

If anyone happens to overdose the medication you call your medical expert immediately. Overdose of Generic Levitra can lead to severe after-effects. Never take the medication more than recommended.