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Why to avoid getting pregnant soon after the termination of pregnancy?

By ,  Cytotec

Abortion is one of the options left with the couples when they do not prefer to continue with the pregnancy. There are many of the couples those who terminate the pregnancy so that they can delay the pregnancy and get prepared for the abortion. Also, there are women those who terminate the pregnancy due to medical and psychological reasons. Whenever you buy abortion pills you are been prescribed with a list of instructions and you need to follow all of them so that they can help you recover soon.

After you have an abortion you need to know about the conception facts and following are some of them:

Infertility and abortion have no connection

Abortion is only done with pills like Mifepristone and Cytotec and no instruments or any other things are been used for termination. You need to follow the complete instructions given by your health care provider so that it can help you terminate the pregnancy. After using this pill for termination you need to worry about fertility only if the process damages the reproductive organs like fallopian tube and ovaries. There are many fewer cases who have reported infertility due to the use of abortion pills. These pills do not cause infertility nor the side effects of these pills last for more than 2 weeks.

Repeated abortion can weaken your cervix

The termination process used to deal with the pregnancy does not harm you. If you have multiple abortions or do have multiple dilations and curettages which cleans the uterus it can result in scarring at the top of the cervix or inside the womb. If the process of termination is performed multiple times then this can weaken your cervix and you can suffer inept cervix. If you have such cases then the health care provider need to stitch it close to the uterus so that it can hold the embryo.

Avoid getting pregnant soon

Most of the health care provider recommends women to avoid pregnancy at least for 3 months as getting pregnant soon can prove to be dangerous for the life of the mother. After you have medical termination your uterus softens and the pills like Cytotec contracts it so that the fetus can get expelled. During such time it is necessary that women at least do wait for 6 months before conceiving.

Using contraceptives

To get rid of untimed pregnancy contraceptives are the best methods. Soon after abortion, your body starts to ovulate and there are chances that you can get pregnant. Hence it is recommended that you do use contraceptives so that it can help you get rid of precautions.

Take expert help to plan pregnancy

After you order online Cytotec pills and have termination you need to wait for a period of time so that it can help you get the uterus cure. Make sure that you do seek advice from your health care regarding your fitness so that it can help you understand regarding the right time to conceive.

Abortion is not a complex process but do make sure that after having an abortion you do take all the measures which can help you recover soon after having an abortion.